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4 Money Saving Tips For Montgomery Small Businesses

If you’re like me, you are always looking for ways to save some cash without sacrificing a professional operation, or too much diginty!  Small businesses in Montgomery don’t have huge accounting staffs to look for ways to pinch pennies, they have to figure that out themselves.

Here are 4 ways you can save some cash in the $4 / a gallon era:

1. Send2Fax.comthere is no need to order that extra phone line just for your fax.  No need for people to have to call you for a heads up before they send a fax.  Send2fax.com gives you a toll free number, dedicated only to you.  When people fax to it, it converts the fax to a PDF file and emails it to you. 

To send a fax, you simply email it to their fax number followed by @fax.send2fax.com.  Only about $12 a month as opposed to about $60 for another land line.

2. PrimoPDF – finding money to start up a small business is hard enough without coughing up tons of dough for new software which you never use.  If you do regular work with PDF files,  there is no need to buy Adobe Acrobat at $400.  Go to primopdf.com and download their free software.  It allows you to print anything to a PDF file.  It acts like another printer.  You simply save the file for posterity, or to email someone else.  Then, they don’t need any special program to open it, because the Adobe PDF reader is free.

3. Montgomery Area Small Business Incubator – This is sponsored by the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce.  It is one of the best resources in Central Alabama for small businesses.  Give them a call.  Ask about their various programs. They can teach you the answers to questions that you haven’t even considered yet. Their education programs are backed by Montgomery’s biggest players in commerce, so it pays to let them help you

4. Google Docs – Again, no need to shell out mega bucks for software that lets your small business create professional looking documents.  Google Docs has FREE programs to replace things like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Plus they allow you to save your documents online, and share them (via email) with whomever you want.  Unless you use all of the bells and whistles of Microsoft Office, you can get by with Google Docs.  I love it.

Are you a Montgomery area small business owner, and have more tips to save money? Help us all out by commenting below!

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